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Flashing Georgi Firmware

9 minute read

Make your steno keyboard do your bidding by codifying your preferences.

8 minute read Audio Narration

The act of running is boring, so I grinded until I could tolerate it.

Mum’s Meetup

4 minute read Audio Narration

Organising a meetup gave my Mum a new lease on life.

Pipe a Codebase into Ruby

6 minute read

“Pipes! Well done! I feel like Leonardo da Vinci! It’s a masterpiece!”

A Canvas of Cypress Tests

19 minute read

“I have a canvas of Cypress tests with apps of Elm, some Elixir, a browser like a preview of executed commands”

Plover For the Record

25 minute read

Want to try recording legal testimony with just your computer keyboard? With Plover, court is in session.

Going Platinum

9 minute read Audio Narration

New to stenography and wondering if you should do the Platinum Steno theory courses? Here’s how they can fit into your learning mix.