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Flashing Georgi Firmware

9 minute read

Make your steno keyboard do your bidding by codifying your preferences.

8 minute read Audio Narration

The act of running is boring, so I grinded until I could tolerate it.

Mum’s Meetup

4 minute read Audio Narration

Organising a meetup gave my Mum a new lease on life.

Pipe a Codebase into Ruby

6 minute read

“Pipes! Well done! I feel like Leonardo da Vinci! It’s a masterpiece!”

A Canvas of Cypress Tests

19 minute read

“I have a canvas of Cypress tests with apps of Elm, some Elixir, a browser like a preview of executed commands”

Plover For the Record

27 minute read

Want to try recording legal testimony with just your computer keyboard? With Plover, court is in session.

Going Platinum

10 minute read Audio Narration

New to stenography and wondering if you should do the Platinum Steno theory courses? Here’s how they can fit into your learning mix.